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Ether Today - 0 review(s)


A faucet you can only use every hour, but pays about 10000 weis each time!

Ether Free - 0 review(s)


15mn faucet, lots of ads but a good payout.

Bonus Ether - 0 review(s)


Simple faucet, low payouts.

Ethereum Faucet - 0 review(s)


Yet another faucet, every 5minutes, nice payouts.

FreeEth - 0 review(s)


Free Ether every 10 minutes.

Crypto-Source - 0 review(s)


Free Ether every 5 minutes! Simply click a reCaptcha to win Ether, weis at a time.

Crypto Games - 0 review(s)


Provably fair casino which allows you to play with Ether to various games (including dice, slot, blackjack, roulette and lotto).

Jaxx - 0 review(s)


Jaxx is a cross-platform (android, IOS, OSX, Chrome, Firefox, Linux and Windows) wallet which supports Ether and Bitcoin.

Genesis Mining cloud mining - 0 review(s)


Easiest way to mine some Ethereum out here.
Simply buy some hashrate, and you're set up for some Ether coming your way everyday.

Promo Code: Kmruk2

Official Wallet - 0 review(s)


Ethereum Wallet and Mist, the wallet maintained by the Ethereum Foundation

Official Website of The Ethereum Foundation - 0 review(s)


The official website of the Ethereum Foundation, the creators and maintainer of the original code.