Need some Ether but don't want to pay for it? You can try these faucets and get payed a little at a time!

https://cryptosource.net/free-ethereum/ - 0 review(s)


Free Ether every 5 minutes! Simply click a reCaptcha to win Ether, weis at a time.

http://freeeth.com/ - 0 review(s)


Free Ether every 10 minutes.

Ethereum Faucet
http://ethereum-faucet.com/ - 0 review(s)


Yet another faucet, every 5minutes, nice payouts.

Bonus Ether
http://bonus-ether.com/ - 0 review(s)


Simple faucet, low payouts.

Ether Free
http://etherfree.com/ - 0 review(s)


15mn faucet, lots of ads but a good payout.

Ether Today
http://ether-today.com/ - 0 review(s)


A faucet you can only use every hour, but pays about 10000 weis each time!